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Archive for January 19th, 2021

Dungeon Siege 2 Review

Gamepyre?review the continuing saga of Dungeon Siege aptly titled?as Dungeon Siege 2. The game has plenty of action and tries to make improvements over its first endorsement though the results are a mixed bag, leaving the user frustrated at some junctions during gameplay. "While this title was intended to re-capture the crown of innovation and popularity gained by its forefather, it unfortunately fell short. While Dungeon Siege II is indeed an enjoyable romp, addressing some of the issues of the previous title, it still remains with its fair share of flaws. Take for example the sub par visuals or the lackluster AI ? after all, enemies have no problem attacking you, but neither you nor your party members can think to automatically attack creatures when you?ve been pulled away from the machine for a moment! Link to Review

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