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AMD Challenges Intel to a Dual-Core Duel

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Posted August 24, 2005 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

AMD has proposed a live dual-core duel in 2005 against Intel. It will be?a public performance evaluation between server platforms based on the highest-performing Dual-Core AMD Opteron? 800 Series or 200 Series processors and the corresponding Intel x86 server processors that are commercially available in volume.

Should Intel accept AMD’s challenge, the duel woul take place at a public venue, with testing conducted by a neutral third-party. Industry-standard server benchmarks would include SPECjbb and SPECweb, plus measurement of energy consumption by each corresponding server.

It’s unlikely Intel will accept, however, as this AMD conjured marketing?ploy can only make Intel look bad. If Intel ignore this?challenge?it?will allow them to incurr mimimum damage. If they were to accept and loose, it would essentially make Intel look incredibly stupid to the mainstream public, and loose they no doubt will…

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