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Archive for January 19th, 2021

China Imposes Online Gaming Curbs

Gamers in China are facing new limits on how much time they can spend playing their favourite online game. The government in Beijing is reported to be introducing the controls to deter people from playing for longer than three consecutive hours. The measures are designed to combat addiction to online role-playing games such as World of Warcraft and Lineage II. More than 20 million Chinese play games regularly, mainly in net cafes. BBC News

Intel to Release New Enthusiast Gear Soon

Intel isn’t done on this year’s high-end releases – there may be more gear to come! Secret sources at IDF have been talking about the company’s plans for the next three months. They have hinted that there will be a new Extreme Edition CPU coming in the next couple of months. Like the existing 840, it will be dual core with Hyper Threading. It will possibly sport a higher clock speed and more cache. Bit-Tech

Intel Sees More ‘Aware’ Technologies Which Can Adapt To People In Next Decade

Intel Corporation today outlined long-term research to make electronic products smarter, safer and capable of adapting to the way people use them around the world. These "user-aware" platform technologies could be used to build systems that intuitively respond to people and their ever-changing needs.

Justin Rattner, Intel senior fellow and director of Intel's Corporate Technology Group, explained in a keynote?at IDF?today that current electronic products have almost no way of knowing how they are being used, who is using them, or what the user wants to accomplish without that person directing their every move. This leads to frustration because of all the things people have to do just to use and manage their technology. The future of electronics will be driven by the need for simpler, more intuitive ways of dealing with technologies that in turn help people do what they want to do. To achieve this will require a new generation of user-aware platform technologies.

Web Review Roundup: 26th August – ‘Cow in a Churn’ Mod

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