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Archive for January 19th, 2021

Gainward Launch 7800GT Variants

Gainward have?launched two 7800GT cards this week, the?Vanilla Ultra/3400 PCX XP 7800 GT and a Golden Sample version with increased clock speeds over the reference design. The vanilla Ultra/3400 PCX XP 7800 GT will run?at?400MHz core?/ 1000MHz memory speeds. The Golden sample will run with higher clocks which are yet to be decided upon.. Pricing for the vanilla card was not mentioned to me but you can buy it HERE for ?323.11. The price and availabilty of the Golden Sample is still to be disclosed. In my opinion the 7800GT’s are set to be a monumental success!

Web Review Roundup: Lan Party Modded Bus and Video Game Violence

12 Player LAN Bus – The Ultimate Mod? – Bit-tech "Yesterday, Bit-Tech went down to see Rock Direct – a British laptop retailer who have kitted out an old school bus with a 12-person laptop LAN for the ultimate portable LAN party! Not only that, they have a laptop that has TWO graphics cards – Intel Extreme and ATI X700, switchable via a, er, switch." Steelpad Steel Sound 5H-USB Pro Gaming Headset Video Review – 3Dgameman "Two important requirements for a headset are quality sound & a great mic. This product satisfies plus it has a USB sound card. It has soft padded ear cups & headband which is ideal for extended use. This headset even comes apart in three pieces for easy & safe transportation. Another unique feature is the flexible retractable mic. It’s time to upgrade! Watch the Video to find out more." VisionTek Xtasy Theater 550 Pro – BonaFideReviews "The 550 Pro, found on the VisionTek Xtasy Theater 550 Pro add-in card, claims the title of the first PCI Express (x1) compatible chip making it an excellent candidate for ATI’s next round of All-in-Wonder cards." Video Game Violence ?!? – ThinkComputers.org ?Well, there are many articles circling on the internet now about the topic of video game violence, and I am sure if you are reading this then you are probably saying ?Another One?? Well let me assure you that THIS article will not be the same as the others. Why? Because I am...

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