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Computex 2005 Coverage – Hexus

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Posted June 2, 2005 by admin in News

VIA K8T890 Pro runs NVIDIA SLI
In Hall 4 at Computex, if you look hard enough on VIA’s joint show area with S3 Graphics, you’ll see them showing off a K8T890 Pro reference board running NVIDIA SLI.

ABIT ring the changes with Guru Clock
Utilizing the Guru chip and connector on ABIT Guru mainboards, the Guru Clock lets you adjust overclocking settings on the fly without leaving the game or app you?re already in.

XFX, pimping it up
XFX have gone to town and built a 1/3 scale model of the front end of some jazzy street machine, the likes of which you last saw in ?The Fast and the Furious?. Nothing special in that until I tell you they?ve whacked a massive LCD screen into the bonnet and slapped a PC in under that!

Elpida big up DDR2 at VIA Technology Forum 2005
The company fully expects DDR2 speeds to have a base of 800MHz by 2007, offering a near 13GiB/sec base bandwidth on a dual-channel memory controller.

TwinMOS shows off DDR2-1066
Got a need for 17GiB/sec of memory bandwidth? TwinMOS have the answer with some Terrific Performance TwiSTER PC2-8500 running at a heady 1066MHz.

Skyping made easy with ORtek
I?ve broken the boom arm on two headsets already from traveling with them, so the USB VoIP handset from ORtek Technology could be just the thing I?m after.

Thermaltake put a new spin on cases
Thermaltake have mounted a slimline CDRW/DVD-ROM drive in the door of the new Eclipse DV. Set for a July release, the DV will initially ship with the CDRW drive but, costs allowing, will likely ship with a DVD writer sometime afterwards.

Dual-core X2 in a Clevo D900 Notebook
Now while I’m no great fan of the D900, with an X2 under the hood and it paired up with a RAID array of disks that the D900 is capable of taking, along with the Quadro FX 1400 option, I can start and see the appeal.

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