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Archive for October 21st, 2021

G70 Specifications Confirmed ? Geforce 7800 GTX

I?ve just been told from a very, very reliable source that the G70, Nvidia?s next generation card will officially be called the 7800 (we all new that, didn?t we?).?It will?initially be available in three versions , the 7800 GTX, 7800 GT and 7800 and?they will be launched on the 22nd of June. I've just been told the new GTX moniker will?NOT replace the Ultra. An overclocked GTX will come some time after launch and this will be known as the 7800 Ultra. The Ultra may possibly be Nvidia's first 90nm part. Below is the specification for the 7800 GTX:


Thermalright XP-90C Heatsink @ Viperlair

"Three or four degrees difference over the Zalman cooler may not seem like much, but to an enthusiast that may mean the difference in a decent overclock and a great overclock. Naturally when compared to the stock cooler on the 3.4 there is no surprise in the huge temperature difference, but it does give a great example of how much more efficient the XP-90 is." Read the review HERE

World Exclusive: Pictures and Concrete info on IWILL’s upcoming ZMAXd2

Packing support for NVIDIA’s SLI technology via nForce4 SLI core logic, along with support for dual-core Opteron, the ZMAXd2 crams even more into the same space, doubling the CPU and graphics power with help from a new 400W power supply, specially developed by IWILL for the unit. Check the article HERE

OCZ Platinum PC5000 DFI nF4 Special 1GB Dual Channel Kit @ InsaneTek

Quote: "OCZ surpasses themselves with their latest DDR entry. The Platinum PC5000 is the fastest rated memory and provides cutting edge performance. If you have the cash to spared, don’t even think twice. But sadly, we’re not all rich." Read the full review HERE

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