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Archive for October 15th, 2021

OCZ Platinum Edition EL PC-4800 DDR @ OCIA.net

Quote: "Not mentioned above is the fact that these modules are based on Samsung’s infamous TCCD chips. These chips have a great track record and are highly sought after by overclockers and enthusiasts alike. EVP is the abbreviation for Extended Voltage Protection, under which OCZ offers a Lifetime Warranty for these modules all the way up to 3.0V ? 5%. ULN (Ultra Low Noise) technology uses various printed circuit board (PCB) techniques to reduce the amount of electrical noise that is present in all high-speed ICs. This results in faster and more stable memory." Read the review HERE

AMD and Star Wars – A Force to be Reckoned With?

Yeah yeah,?bad title,?I know….but if you’ve ever wanted to know what workstation hardware Star Wars is created on, why Lucasfilm loves HyperTransport or whether it’s possible to hack 32-bit applications to get an AMD64 advantage, this is for you.?Bit-Tech also got the inside gossip on George Lucas’ sandwich habits, which?I personally want to know more than anything else in the world. Read the article HERE

Atrix G8023C Case @ ThinkComputers.org

Quote: ?There are many, many pre-mod cases out there; prices range from $30-$200 for a basic model pre-mod. Today I have a case that is in the lower range, but could easily sell for much more; The quality of the case is just amazing for the price of it. This is a case made by a little known company called Atrix, they have been around for a while but it doesn’t seem many people have actually heard of them, or promoted their products. This case for review today retails for $46.50. In my opinion it could easily sell for much more and easily compete with other ‘Top of the Line’ pre-mod cases out there today.? Read the review HERE

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