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Archive for January 28th, 2021

Mushkin DDR PC-4000 Redline Dual Channel Memory Video Review

Quote: "This memory is aptly named Redline because it’s extremely fast, highly overclockable, stable and reliable. With a timing of 2-2-2-6 at 500MHz DDR it’s wicked fast, but this memory can be pushed even further. This product will easily outperform most other memory. It’s a must have for the performance enthusiast. Redline all the way! Watch the Video to find out more…" Watch the video review HERE

Details of ATI’s Xbox 360 GPU Unveiled

WITH MICROSOFT’S OFFICIAL announcement of its next-generation Xbox 360 console this week, ATI has decided to disclose some of the architectural details of the graphics processor that it created for the system.?Tech Report?had a brief but enlightening conversation with Bob Feldstein, Vice President of Engineering at ATI, who helped oversee the Xbox 360 GPU project. He spelled out some of the GPU’s details, and they’re definitely intriguing.? Read on to get? Tech Reports take on the inner workings of the Xbox 360 GPU. Read TechReport’s findings HERE

Web News Roundup

Loads of news today, mainly as I havent been very reliable at posting for?the past few days. Digital Camera Basics… Some Vocabulary – Bigbruin Patriot PDC1G3200+XBLK (PC3200 2-2-2-5) Memory – Guru3d Cooler Master AquaGate Mini R80 Review – ModtheBox Danger Den Chrome Version MAZE4 GPU Water Block – Techniz Nintendo GameBoy Micro – Amdgamer FSP Universal Adapter – Hexus SLI guide part 3: GeForce 6800 and GeForce 6600GT SLI Gameplay Evaluation – Bit-tech Titan Bianca Water Cooler System – A1 Electronics Why You Shouldn’t Always Unsubscribe From Emails – ExtensionTech

COLORS-it 8008-B3 Case + Remote

Quote: "The first case I’m looking at today has the rather unimaginatively named 8008-B3, a rather distinctive looking chassis that looks more like a hifi component than a case, and maybe that gives us a clue as to its intended market." Read the review HERE

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