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Archive for October 15th, 2021

Connect3D X800XL @ CDRinfo.com

Quote: The X800XL is a recent addition to the graphics card market from ATi. The cards are supposedly situated between the X800 PRO and X800 XT as far as performance is concerned. It is available for both AGP and PCI-Express architectures, so fortunately rumours of ATi abandoning the AGP project were just rumours and nothing more. Read the review HERE

X-RAYPAD Thunder8 Dual Surface Mouse Pad @ ExtensionTech

Mouse mats are as important as anything else in life. eh-hem…. Quote: "I got my first plastic hard surface mouse pad nearly 6 years ago, which was an Everglide. Now, being a review site, I’ve had the opportunity to review, and use, quite a few mouse pads. Over all of them, I still prefer hard surface pads, but one thing was missing for a long time, smooth gliding. Smooth was what I fell in love with, with XTrac Pads. Over the last couple weeks of using the "Thunder 8" dual surface mouse pad, I realized I may have just found a new favorite. C’mon over for a closer look…" Read it HERE

ASUS Extreme AX800XL-2DTV @ Viperlair

Spending ?300+ isn’t for everyone, but you’ll be surprised how well a sub-?200 card may do. Quote: "Performance in our tests was pretty good.? In all the game tests, except Doom 3, the x800XL did very nicely providing playable frame rates in basically all situations.? Doom 3 is playable at 1024*768 with 4X AA and 16X ansiotropic filtering, but going higher isn’t too recommended." Read the article HERE

OCZ EL 1GB DC DDR400 Gold Edition

Quote: "The OCZ EL 1GB Dual Channel DDR400 Gold Edition memory module is great memory; with the use of the legendary Winbond BH-5 RAM chips, it will meet the needs of most enthusiasts. This pair of DDR400 is one of the fastest RAM frequencies of the DDR memory range. This dual channel RAM kit is able to run tight timings of 2-2-2-5, which is the best and basic requirement for a good memory module. Furthermore, with the voltage of 2.8V, it was able to hit 221 MHz which is equal to DDR 442 with the tight timings of 2-2-2-5. With higher memory voltage at 3.5V, this pair of modules is able to read 251MHz which is equal to DDR502 at the timing of 2-2-2-5." Read it now!

Samsung SyncMaster 915N TFT @ Modthebox.com

Quote: "The total viewable image size of the LCD measures 19 inches with a pixel pitch of 0.294mm. What is impressive about the 915N is that it features a thin bezel design and a high contrast ratio of 700:1. The response time of this model has also been cut down to an impressive 8ms making this unit a very attractive LCD for the gaming community." Read it HERE

Gigabyte’s GV-RX80L256V – A Silent X800 XL Solution

Quote: ENTHUSIASTS HAVE ALWAYS craved snappier performance and smoother frame rates, but lately, many of us have also become obsessed with lowering system noise levels. Years ago, most high-end systems sounded like jet engines spinning up for take off. Today, however, hobbyists are trading in their noisy cooling solutions for stealthier designs that employ larger heat sinks, temperature-controlled low-RPM fans, and even water cooling. While quieter cooling solutions have become more popular, only passive cooling can deliver the absolute silence that low-noise enthusiasts really seek. Cooling a chip without fans isn’t easy, though. Today’s denser chips and higher clock speeds present challenging thermal profiles, and in the graphics card world, passive cooling has largely been limited to low-end products. Not content to let only budget cards bask in glorious silence, Gigabyte has brought passive cooling to ATI’s mid-range Radeon X800 XL. The GV-RX80L256V combines silent cooling with the X800 XL’s already impressive pixel-pushing power, and it comes equipped with HDTV output and VIVO for good measure. Priced at just over $300, the GV-RX80L256V could be the ultimate Radeon X800 XL, but can passive cooling handle a mid-range graphics chip running at 400MHz? Read on to find out. Read the full review HERE

Arctic Cooling Silencer 64 Ultra

Think Computers have just review the Arctic Cooling Silencer 64 Ultra. Quote: ?Well I have finally upgraded my CPU to a AMD 64! I got it brand new with the stock cooler. I was getting high temperatures so I needed a better CPU cooler. Today I will be looking at the Arctic Cooling Silencer 64 Ultra TC L. This cooler has a cool looking design to it, but can it perform? Well let?s get testing!? Read it HERE

Thermalright XP-90C @ InsaneTek

Quote: Thermalright returns with a newly revised XP-90 aircooling heatsink. This time it’s all copper! Just how much better can it be over the crowned king XP-90?" Find out by reading HERE

PCI Express Comes to Opteron

Quote: AMD’s dual-core Opterons are arguably the swankiest bits of hardware around.? Not only do the chips combine a pair of processor cores on a single chip, but they can also be combined in multi-processor, multi-core configurations.? Today we’ve rounded up a trio of dual-Opteron motherboards that, in combination with AMD’s new dual-core chips, are each capable of serving up four processor cores from only two CPU sockets.? Based on NVIDIA’s new nForce Pro 2200 chipset, these new motherboards are also the first PCI Express platforms for Opteron.? Join us as we examine motherboards from Asus, Iwill, and Tyan that can make the quad-CPU workstation a reality. Check the article HERE

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