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Archive for October 21st, 2021

D-Link GigaExpress DGS-1008D @ Viperlair

While wireless is becoming the latest fad in home networking, hardwired Ethernet will still provide the best performance as far as speed is concerned. Snip: "The D-Link GigaExpress DGS-1008D is about as close to plug-and-play as networking equipment can get. Simply plug in the power, attach a network cable from the PC to the switch (and another cable to another PC or directly into your router) and you’re set. It really doesn’t get much easier than this for home users as D-Link has made the switch very easy to use. It’s only a layer 2 switch though (and marketed as such), so those looking for switches that can do more such as encryption and application level switching will need to look elsewhere." Read it HERE

Connect3D X850XT PCI-e Review

We’ve finally completed this long overdue review of the Connect3D X850XT PCI-e,?arguably the?greatest card ever to come from Connect3D… Read our in-house review HERE

Giveaway – Four 1GB Corsair Flash Voyager Memory Drives

3DGameMan have a new competition where you can win the above flash memory drives so visit HERE to find out how to win!

Vantec Iceberq 5 VGA Cooler

Techniz.co.uk have just review the Iceberq 5 VGA Cooler from Vantec. Snip: "Vantec have come out with their new Iceberq series VGA cooler which is the Iceberq 5. The Iceberq 5 is a very good VGA cooler in terms of the performance and the stylish look. The Iceberq 5 VGA cooler is performing very well during the testing. Moreover, it was fully made of copper which is a very good material of cooling. The design of this VGA Cooler is very stylish and nice. And the cooling fan use for it is a Blue LED fan." Read it HERE

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