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Archive for October 21st, 2021

SoundBlaster Audigy 2 NX

The boys at techniz.co.uk have just reviewed the SoundBlaster Audigy 2 NX, but is it really worth it with such good integrated audio these days? Read it and find out! Snip:?"The overall package is well packed with software, you can play cd’s DVD’s, record audio and change the way it sounds, ie using sound profiles ie CMSS.? The handy demo CD igives you an idea of WHAT this card can really do.? The good thing with this unit that you can have three inputs, and still have a 5.1 speaker system plugged it.? Many other units make use of the mic and line inputs to provide the 5.1 support, not this one!" Read it HERE

NZXT Cases: Nemesis Elite Edition & Trinity Classic

3dgameman’s latest video review.. Snip: "Both cases have a long list of features & bold styling, especially the Nemesis which has a radical front design. The Nemesis case is all aluminum, except for the front & therefore it is fairly light. Three 120mm fans make air circulation excellent, and it even comes with a flip-up LED at the top. The Trinity case is steel with great features & a classy look. Watch the Video to find out more…" Watch it HERE

Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 1 @ ThinkComputers

These new high-end GPU’s are not the quitest running things in the world. Buying a thirdparty cooler is the way to go if you want a quieter working/gaming environment. Snip: "To most of us GPU cooling is not that important. If you have having heat problems inside of your case then you might want to consider some type of aftermarket GPU cooling system. Now if you are Overclocking then you defiantly want to get an aftermarket CPU cooler. Today we will be looking at the Arctic Cooling NV Silencer and see if it can solve some of these heat problems.? Read it HERE

ThermalRock Circle Case @ Viperlair

Thermaltake borrows some BTX design principles and unleashes their latest case. Snip: "The cutout of the door enabling the front audio ports to be accessible when the door is closed truly is ingenious. There are features like this all over the case. Another example is the power supply mount, not only is the power supply support by the bracket, but ThermalRock also integrated two steel stands, to support the back of the power supply. The cooling of the ThermalRock Circle is also excellent. The backwards internal design truly does help with cooling, and thus gives us an early look into the BTX form factor." Read it HERE folks

OCZ Gold PC3200 1GB Dual Channel Kit

InsaneTek have taken a look at OCZ’s new high voltage memory based on new BH-5. Snip: "OCZ’s new Gold PC3200 features new Winbond UTT BH5 IC’s and one great price. If you’ve got the voltage to pump, look no further. You’ll be happy with the low latencies." Definitely read it, HERE!

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