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Rexus SPX500 500W ATX PSU

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Posted April 27, 2005 by admin in News

Bigbruin.com have reviewed the Rexus SPX500 500W ATX PSU, a brand I’d never heard of previously. It’s got some unique features to it of which you will have to check the review to find out.

Snip:? "If you’re looking for a basic stable power supply, the Rexus SPX500 is a good choice. It doesn’t include all the "show" features (windows, LED, UV reaction) of many newer power supplies, but it does help keep your case cooler by removing more hot air. With the large 15cm fan, it also keeps the noise down, as I heard a significant decrease in fan noise when I changed from the Logisys Pitbull (on medium settings) to the Rexus 500W unit."

Read it HERE

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