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NVIDIA nForce 4 SLI Intel Edition (watercooled)

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Posted April 27, 2005 by admin in News

Last week NVIDIA release their nForce 4 SLI Intel edition chipset. Since Guru of 3D’s article of this platform was a bit delayed they decided to take it a small step further. Armed with Asetek watercooling and overclocked to 4.12 GHz let’s see how well this puppy really behaves with 2 GeForce 6800 GT’s in SLI mode shall we ? We’ll give you a hint though, absolutely lovely !

Snip: "After a day or two of complete stability I found it so much fun that I decided to remove the mainboard from the casing again and equip it with some watercooling to see how well it overclocked. I opted for Asetek watercooling as it’s high-performance and these Prescott based Pentium 4’s run ridiculously hot. With watercooling we where able to get the temperature in Degrees C below 50 at full processor utilization.

Overclocking was quite a weird experience. As within seconds we had a 3.6 GHz CPU running at 4.12 GHz… 100% Stable. We settled for 4 GHz though as we are including some results from our nForce 4 AMD 64 4000+ SLI test system and wanted to match performance as closely as possible.

Read this excellent preview HERE

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