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Lian Li’s PC-V800 Enclosure @ TechReport

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Posted April 26, 2005 by admin in News

FOR YEARS, ENTHUSIASTS have drooled over Lian Li’s high-end PC cases. Carefully designed and immaculately manufactured, the all-aluminum towers have undeniable sex appeal and enough practical features to back up the their visual flair. You see, while aluminum can be brushed or polished for an attractive finish, the metal’s physical properties also allow manufacturers to create lightweight enclosures that radiate heat much better than steel or plastic designs.
Lian Li’s most recent tower designs have borrowed heavily from Apple’s Power Mac G5 enclosure, and the company’s new desktop case is no exception. The PC-V800 features the same perforated panels as Lian Li’s PC-V1000 tower in a form factor suitable for PC desktops and home theater systems. Is there a place for the PC-V800’s bold aesthetic in the living room? Does this desktop design work for home theater PCs? Read on to find out.

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