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ChiMei CT-729A 17in LCD Review @ Mikhailtech

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Posted April 23, 2005 by admin in News

Today Mikhailtech take a look at ChiMei?s CT-729A, a budget oriented, well rounded 17? 16ms LCD monitor.

Snip: "The menu controls are self-explanatory. However a couple features really stand out. For one thing, there’s a very useful Auto button. Rather than having to go through several OSD menus to get automatic calibration, you can now do it with the press of one button. Even better is the "Turbo" key. This has 3 brightness presets, labeled "picture", "text", and "economy". Each one is dimmer than the last. You can cycle through them by continuously pressing the Turbo key. It’s an incredible feature as most times you can quickly and effectively switch between settings depending on the application without having to manually adjust the brightness. For instance, you can now read text ("text" or "economy" setting) and then play some Doom 3 (incredibly dark game, set to "picture" mode) without having to always re-adjust the brightness. As far as the buttons themselves go, they’re nicely sized and simply a joy to press."

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