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Arctic Cooling Freezer 4 & Freezer 64

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Posted April 26, 2005 by admin in News

HWzone Israel has taken a deep look at the?Arctic Cooling Freezer 4 & Freezer 64 Cooling Solutions.

Snip: "The traditional air cooling has, apparently, reached the end of its road, since there is a limit as to how much one can cool today’s "Watt Machine" using a block of metal and a fan. As a result of this limitation (and a natural desire of exploration), various alternative cooling solutions have spread in the past years, such as water cooling systems, Peltier based cooling and even gas cooling. However, these radical cooling solutions suffer from two major drawbacks that prevent them from being adopted by the mainstream market: Price and safety. Not only does buying such a cooling solution require "deep pockets", but it may also compromise the health of the entire computer."

"The cooling products we’ll look at in this review are two out of a series of almost identical products, which are constructed for different sockets: The Freezer 4 is built for Socket 478, the Freezer 7 is built for Socket 775 and the Freezer 64 is built for all Athlon 64 and Athlon FX sockets."

Read the review HERE

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