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Archive for October 24th, 2021

Web Roundup: Mouse Overload

Athlon 64 Chipset Comparison?@ TheTechReport Snip: "With at least four platforms to choose from, the Athlon 64’s PCI Express chipset lineup finally has some depth. But between the latest core logic options from ATI and ULi, NVIDIA, SiS, and VIA, which chipset has the most desirable blend of features and best performance?" Collmax PS-101 ATX Power Supply Tester?@ ExtensionTech.net Snip: "An unstable computer can be sometimes contributed to a bad, or failing Power Supply Unit. (PSU) While not many people can afford a professional PSU tester, what about the tech shops, and the end users?" XTrac InstaGlide Mouse Anti-Friction Wipe @ A1 Electronics.net Snip: "As you will have seen in our earlier review of the super XTrac Hybrid mouse mat review which really works very well indeed especially in our office as we tend to get a bit messy here we wondered how we could test this new InstaGlide from XTrac. We were as you are perhaps a little doubting." Scythe Kamaboko Z @ InsaneTek Snip: "Just because a cooler uses heatpipes doesn’t make it superb. While the Kamaboko Z looked promising, the performance wasn’t stellar. It’s still better than the stock cooler of course." X-Ray Technology X-Ray (Mouse) Pads @ bigbruin.com Snip: "With the fast paced, ever changing world of pc gaming today, the serious gamer realizes the necessity for high quality mouse pads. Recently X-Ray Technology LTD sent over a selection of their X-...

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