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Archive for October 24th, 2021

ATop Xplode Gaming Case @ ThinkComputers

Quote: ?Well it seems EVERYONE is into making Pre-Modded cases these days, they are popping up everywhere, and every computer related store you go into has them now. All shapes, sizes and price ranges. Not many really stand out from the crowd anymore, then there is the Atop Xplode Gaming case. This one could be one of those that stands out from the rest. It’s sleeks looks, built in LCD temperature monitor, and interesting replacement of the side window with a mesh screen. Available in an assortment of colors (red,orange,blue,yellow,silver and white). This is one of the first cases I have seen that really incorporates the theme throughout the case, by that I mean the Drive bay covers aren’t plain, they match the case, even down to the mesh screen in them as well!? Read the review HERE

Rexus SPX500 500W ATX PSU

Bigbruin.com have reviewed the Rexus SPX500 500W ATX PSU, a brand I’d never heard of previously. It’s got some unique features to it of which you will have to check the review to find out. Snip:? "If you’re looking for a basic stable power supply, the Rexus SPX500 is a good choice. It doesn’t include all the "show" features (windows, LED, UV reaction) of many newer power supplies, but it does help keep your case cooler by removing more hot air. With the large 15cm fan, it also keeps the noise down, as I heard a significant decrease in fan noise when I changed from the Logisys Pitbull (on medium settings) to the Rexus 500W unit." Read it HERE

NVIDIA nForce 4 SLI Intel Edition (watercooled)

Last week NVIDIA release their nForce 4 SLI Intel edition chipset. Since Guru of 3D’s article of this platform was a bit delayed they decided to take it a small step further. Armed with Asetek watercooling and overclocked to 4.12 GHz let’s see how well this puppy really behaves with 2 GeForce 6800 GT’s in SLI mode shall we ? We’ll give you a hint though, absolutely lovely ! Snip: "After a day or two of complete stability I found it so much fun that I decided to remove the mainboard from the casing again and equip it with some watercooling to see how well it overclocked. I opted for Asetek watercooling as it’s high-performance and these Prescott based Pentium 4’s run ridiculously hot. With watercooling we where able to get the temperature in Degrees C below 50 at full processor utilization. Overclocking was quite a weird experience. As within seconds we had a 3.6 GHz CPU running at 4.12 GHz… 100% Stable. We settled for 4 GHz though as we are including some results from our nForce 4 AMD 64 4000+ SLI test system and wanted to match performance as closely as possible. Read this excellent preview HERE

Raidmax Samurai XE 901 Gaming Case

The lads over at InsaneTek have just reviewed the Raidmax Samurai XE 901 Gaming Case. Its very similer to the Alienware cases so in my opinon they do look pretty god damn aweful, but each to there own! Snip:?"Raidmax makes a few changes to their original Samurai case and comes up with an Alienware lookalike. While it still focuses on looks, there are still some good features included, like dual 120mm fans." Read the full review HERE

NCQ / TCQ & nForce 4 Data Corruption – The Fix

Amdgamer have wirtten an article with all the fixes to curruption issies using NCQ / TCQ on nForce4, which appears to be to disable it? Doesn’t sound like a fix to me, but it will at least stop your curruption problems so check it out now before your NCQ enabled system hangs again! Snip:?"With NVIDIA?s introduction of the nForce 4, it was announced that this chipset would indeed support NCQ technology found in some of the latest higher end hard drives. What about TCQ? Will it work in the same way? Western digital made it obvious that TCQ will not work on controllers supporting NCQ and vice versa. This lead me to believe that the drives will still perform normally, of course Queuing will not function on my Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe for the Raptors (assuming they?re connected on the nForce SATA RAID controller) but further problems should not occur. After all, I did purchase a top of the line motherboard, it would only make sense to pair it up with some of the fastest hard drives on the market. Then came my data or storage drive; The Seagate 7200.8 400GB SATA drive. This latter supports NCQ? Read on!" Quick! Hurry up and go HERE to read the article.

Forums Offline

The forums will be offline for a while as i’m going to move to?Vbulletin. Unfortunalty all registered members will have to re-register as the forum was hacked by some guy who really needs to get a life and stop living with his parents. Sorry all, it was out of my hands.

ABIT AX8 VIA K8T890 Mainboard

Tarinder of Hexus.Net has just reviewed the ABIT AX8 VIA K8T890 Mainboard, Which is a low cost S939 solution. Snip: "ABIT has taken VIA’s K8T890 core-logic and engineered a stable, fast, and inexpensive motherboard that carries a reasonable feature-set. Presentation, as usual, is excellent, and enthusiast-orientated options are up to ABIT’s usual standards. ?79 buys you a decent introduction to S939, and performance, coupled with any compatible CPU, is always going to be impressive, especially so in gaming. " Read the full review over there —–> HERE

Thermaltake Big Typhoon Air Cooler Heatsink

A1 Electronics.net have just posted their latest review of the Thermaltake Big Typhoon air cooler heatsink! Snip: "First off we must say in this review that the Thermaltake Big Typhoon has a very quiet fan. At the lower fan speeds of 7.5 & 9 volts we could hardly hear it running. Also the fan we used with this Thermalright is a very basic low powered computer case fan. But that all said the cooling performance from this Big Typhoon heatsink is very good indeed as the graph shows." Read it HERE

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