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Archive for October 24th, 2021

Sunbeam 20 in 1 Superior Panel @ ThinkComputers

Snip:??Front panel card readers, fan controllers, and I/O ports are nothing new to us. They have been around a long time. Today we will be looking at a device that combines these 3 things into 1 superior panel. So without further ado I present the Sunbeam 20 in 1 Superior Panel!? Read the review HERE

Corsair Cool Watercooling Kit

Rbmods review a full watercooling kit from Corsair: Snip: "Hello chaps, today we are going to have a look at another water cooling kit. This time it’s a complete kit from Corsair, Which most of us already know as a company that produces high quality and high performance memory. So both you and I have really high expectations that this is going to be a high quality water cooling kit with great performance. Let’s find out!" Read the review HERE

Lian Li’s PC-V800 Enclosure @ TechReport

FOR YEARS, ENTHUSIASTS have drooled over Lian Li’s high-end PC cases. Carefully designed and immaculately manufactured, the all-aluminum towers have undeniable sex appeal and enough practical features to back up the their visual flair. You see, while aluminum can be brushed or polished for an attractive finish, the metal’s physical properties also allow manufacturers to create lightweight enclosures that radiate heat much better than steel or plastic designs.?Lian Li’s most recent tower designs have borrowed heavily from Apple’s Power Mac G5 enclosure, and the company’s new desktop case is no exception. The PC-V800 features the same perforated panels as Lian Li’s PC-V1000 tower in a form factor suitable for PC desktops and home theater systems. Is there a place for the PC-V800’s bold aesthetic in the living room? Does this desktop design work for home theater PCs? Read on to find out. Read the review HERE

Arctic Cooling Freezer 4 & Freezer 64

HWzone Israel has taken a deep look at the?Arctic Cooling Freezer 4 & Freezer 64 Cooling Solutions. Snip: "The traditional air cooling has, apparently, reached the end of its road, since there is a limit as to how much one can cool today’s "Watt Machine" using a block of metal and a fan. As a result of this limitation (and a natural desire of exploration), various alternative cooling solutions have spread in the past years, such as water cooling systems, Peltier based cooling and even gas cooling. However, these radical cooling solutions suffer from two major drawbacks that prevent them from being adopted by the mainstream market: Price and safety. Not only does buying such a cooling solution require "deep pockets", but it may also compromise the health of the entire computer." "The cooling products we’ll look at in this review are two out of a series of almost identical products, which are constructed for different sockets: The Freezer 4 is built for Socket 478, the Freezer 7 is built for Socket 775 and the Freezer 64 is built for all Athlon 64 and Athlon FX sockets." Read the review HERE

HIS X850XT IceQ II Turbo @ Viperlair

The #2 VPU from ATI is packaged into an offering from HIS. How will it fare against the X850XT-PE? Pretty damn good from where I’m looking! Snip: "The HIS adaptation of the X850XT is more than well done, it borders on ingenious. Simple, yet extremely effective silent cooling, give you stable overclocks to the levels of the Platinum Edition without even a 2nd glance. Add to that a range of adapters that could make your day and a Dual DVI output launch this card to the top of the pile, especially when you consider the price differential for that Platinum Edition card next to it." Read this one HERE

Vantec ION 2 460W Power Supply Video Review

If you like to see and not read, check out 3DGameMan.com and there latest video review of the Vantec ION 2 460W Power Supply. Snip: "Like the previous Vantec ION series power supplies, this one offers tremendous value. It has no trouble powering the latest computer systems with an ample 460 watts, and it’s quiet because of the 120mm fan. Also, it comes with plenty of sleeved leads which look great, cut down on cable mess and increase air flow inside the case. It even has easy grip connectors which make connecting and disconnecting simple. Watch the Video to find out more…"? Watch it HERE

ATI Tray Tools Updated to

ATI Tray Tools is a small utility that can be found in the windows tray which then allows instant access to options and settings. Quite handy and quite a small download. Just click the executable and you are good to go. To avoid some confusion, Guru3D.com recently became official English hompage and distro for this utility. You can find all further information and history on it’s updates at this webpage. What does Tray Tools do ? This tweaker for ATI Radeon cards positions itself in the system tray. Download it HERE folks.

ATI’s Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition AGP and Club3D’s Radeon X800 XL AGP

Hexus have just reviewed the two cards above in the title! I’ve got an X800XT PE in my rig at the moment, a review will be forthcoming! Snip: "Club3D’s example doesn’t go overboard on the bundle, however you do get a great game and the cables you’re given are sufficient to make good use of the VIVO ability of the board. The Club3D-branded DVI adaptor is a nice touch, too. That you also get the aforementioned VIVO ability on Club’s board makes it even more attractive. Presentation is tasteful and the only thing that detracts from the board is its size, due to the RIALTO bridge chip, and the lack of dual DVI ports. If you can accomodate it in your AGP system however, it comes highly recommended" "Read?all about it"?HERE

GIGABYTE GA-K8N Ultra-9 Motherboard

The lads over at www.techniz.co.uk?have just finished reviewing the GIGABYTE GA-K8N Ultra-9 Motherboard. Snip: "The GigaByte GA-K8N Ultra-9 motherboard was featuring the new Nvidia nForce 4 Ultra chipset that delivers significant performance gains with variety of new generation architectures including dual-channel DDR, PCI-Express interface and Serial-ATA II interface for improving storage performance. The motherboard itself has a lot of built in features such as Dual Gigabit LAN, Dual Bios, RAID function, and 7.1 channel sound." Read it HERE people!

Kingston 512MB DataTraveler @ ExtensionTech.net

ExtensionTech.net review a very cheap thumb drive. Snip: "Since I had access to this recently purchased "thumb drive" from a client of mine, I thought I’d be considerate and do a quick review of it. This removable storage device is sporting USB 2.0 connectivity, a large 512MB storage capacity, and a 5 year warranty. All this for under $40.00 USD! What’s not to like? Continue on and see if there is anything not to like…" Read the review HERE

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