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Beblu: Worlds first modular PC?

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Posted March 27, 2005 by admin in News

Chances are you haven’t heard of Beblu, but you’ll probably hear a lot more about them over the next few months.?Beblu have?a range of PC’s on the way aimed mainly at HTPC endeavours. What makes these rather special is there modular passively cooled?design. In the picture on the left, the top unit holds the DVD drive and the lower unit hold the hard drive, motherboard and processor. There will be more units avilable soon, including the beblu PowerDrive which is a combination unit providing a passively cooled power management system which will power?all beblu cases. The modular design unleashes real potential for high powered mini-ITX systems without heat or noise issues, as each major heat source can theoretically be split up and cooled seperatly. Systems will be avilable in mid April.

Read more about the systems at: http://www.beblu.net/

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