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ATI’s Godfrey Cheng Interview @ Hexus

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Posted March 11, 2005 by admin in Hardware

HEXUS’ Ryszard had a chance to interview Godfrey Cheng, ATI’s Director of Marketing for Multimedia Products. There are serious questions asked and not just baked bean related queries.

Snip: Rys: "The tough question first. When we met in September last year, we spoke about the imminent release of Theatre 550 PRO and All-In-Wonder X800. It’s taken nearly five months since then for them to be ready for sale in Europe and the rest of the world. Can you outline the biggest issues that caused the delays for both products?"

Godfrey: I’ll start with All-In-Wonder. Basically we’ve added some entirely new features to the latest AGP All-In-Wonder, like SCART output, DVI and VGA on the backplane and FM tuning. All three of those things have to work together and work well, along with everything else the All-In-Wonder has to do. There’s also been a lot of unforseen localisation work involved to bring, especially the TV functionality, the product to different markets with different TV standards, so it’s been a bunch of work to get that done, more than we anticipated."

Read the full interview HERE

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