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Archive for October 20th, 2021

OCZ Announces PC-3200 Gold Series with 2-2-2 Timings

OCA have announced PC-3200 Gold capable of 2-2-2 timings.

More CeBIT Coverage

Hexus are wrapping up there CeBIT 2005 coverage with these few articles: Modding Heaven! Innovation always catches the eye, but imagination is a big attention grabber too. Which is why I found myself drawn to an area behind the WCG arena in halle 27, where to my delight, I found row upon row of perspex cases, and what filled them was really something rather special. Fastest PC at CeBIT?So what was the fastest PC at CeBIT? Extreme Cooling Technologies’ 5.4Ghz PC is the answer. CeBIT 2005: A Pictoral round-upCeBIT is not just about computers? it covers pretty much anything technology related, so anyone who produces anything you plug in and use was showing their wares. (With the exception of those people who produce the stuff that goes into the back pages of the Anne Summers catalogue, they have a different show all of their own, which DVDoctor has already covered?)

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