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Archive for October 25th, 2021

Koolance Exos-2 Review @ HardwareHell

Currently our recommended high-end cooling product in the March 2005 Buyers Guide, HardwareHell review it and discover how good this cooling system is! Snip: "If you think the price of an EXOS 2 is steep, just picture buying all the parts separately. I browsed a few sites before writing this review, and many offer kits, that don?t even include a radiator or external case mind you, for about $250. With the EXOS 2, you are getting a wicked cooling system that is far better than almost anything else out there, and you’re getting it for a price that won’t break the bank. What more can I say? Must have hardware." Read it HERE

Intel’s Pentium-M 735 and DFI 855GME Motherboard @ Hexus

The Pentium-M Dothan core is a great mobile processor, but it also has the potential to be a formiddable desktop processor too. Hexus put?it?to the test in combination with?the DFI 855GME desktop board. Snip: "Performance wise, there’s one thing that stands out from the analysis and observation of P-M’s scaling with nothing more than its base frequency: it’s crying out for core logic to let it breathe and perform to its fullest; there’s definitely plenty of extra performance to be had by pairing P-M with Alviso core logic. There’s also extra performance to be had just by upping the CPU’s bus clock, so the upcoming 200MHz Pentium-Ms, using Alviso, should give very fine performance, comparatively." Rad it HERE

Albatron 6600GT @ Rbmods

More 6600GT goodness. Snip: "AGP cards are still needed as most of the consumers might not be able to afford to switch motherboard and ram etc for a new rig so they decide to get a decent video card instead. We have Albatrons latest 6600GT card on the test bench tonight and we will compare it to a 6800Ultra and vs a 6600GT PCI-E card to see the speed difference so can the AGP compete with the AGP card? Lets check it out!" Read it HERE

Thermaltake Kandalf Full Tower Series Case @ 3dGameMan

The Thermaltake Kandalf seems to be a great case. 3dGameMan battles Kandalf in his latest video review: Snip: "This product is overflowing with super features, looks fantastic & is all aluminum. There are 11 drive bays which can be organized to hold both 5.25" & 3.5" drives. Six internal 3.5" drive bays allow lots of HDD storage. It’s a very large case & has plenty of room to work. There are also 2 90mm & 2 120mm fans to provide excellent case ventilation. Watch the Video to find out more…" Watch it HERE

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