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Archive for October 25th, 2021

Corsair Memory Announced as Official Memory of ACON5

Corsair Memory has been announced as the Official Memory supplier of ACON5. Corsair Memory, along with the other ACON5 partners, ABIT, Intel, ATi, LG and Creative expect that ACON5 will be the largest "open-to-everyone" gaming competition to be held in 2005.

Radeon X800, XL Distribution Costs Revealed and They Don’t Add Up..

The Techreport have been following the story of pricing and availability of the latest ATI cards for some time now.??They have recently learnt that the cost to resellers of Radeon X800 and X800 XL cards via distribution is higher than ATI’s suggested retail price.? In some cases, this information changes the math on which video cards should be recommended. ATI or NVIDIA…? The story and details are available HERE

Club 3D Radeon X800XL PCI Express @ Viperlair

Can’t spare the $600 for an X850XT? The X800XL’s performance offers similar performance at a much lower cost. Snip: "Performance from the X800XL was fantastic, quite happily keeping pace with our X850XT PE in many tests, although the highest resolutions and heavy AntiAliasing/Anisotropic filtering did slow it down slightly in comparison." Read the full review HERE

Thermaltake Armor Super Tower Aluminum Chassis @ Techniz

Snip:?"The Armor Chassis from Thermaltake is a very stylish case and available in black and silver. Only the silver color is fully made of aluminum. The Armor Chassis is a super tower case. The Armor Chassis is also design to fits Tt liquid cooling system (performance radiator with 12 cm fan) or any other specific brands of water cooling kit. The chassis is also design with the removable motherboard tray, whereas it does support the BTX with the optional BTX Upgrade Kit.Furthermore, the Armor Chassis comes with four case fans, and the top of chassis is equipped with dual USB2.0, IEEE1394 Firewire, audio & speaker ports. Beside that, the side panel is a very unique shaped of acrylic windows side panel." Read it HERE

Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 400GB SATA @ Amdgamer

Amdgamer have reviewed a very?high capacity?hard drive. Quote: "Large capacity drives are quickly becoming popular as we start to use our computers more and more for applications such as video and photo editing, music encoding, etc… We need storage space for our downloaded movie clips, saved games and songs, wanting to keep everything in a digital library. Seagate has a solution for this type of user – The Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 400GB SATA Hard Drive. The model we’ll be testing out today is the brand new ST3400832AS." Read it HERE

Razotech’s UFO Mouse Review @ ExtensionTech.net

ExtensionTech.net have just reviewed the Razotech’s UFO Mouse! Snip: "UFO mouse? Yeah! This little mouse makes its presence known. It has 10 blue LED’s, five on each side of the mouse, that light up in a counter clockwise motion. There is no doubt that using this mouse will draw attention. Sound like fun? Sound annoying? That is your own opinion really, regardless, I’ll take a closer look at what this new mouse from Razotech has to offer…" Read it HERE

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