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Archive for October 25th, 2021

EVGA e-GeForce 6200 TC Video Card Video @ 3dgameman.com

"Yet another video review" from the one and only Rodney Reynolds. Snip: "The EVGA e-GeForce 6200 TC Video Card is based on the NVIDIA NV44 Chip and comes with 64MB of DDR memory. The TC stands for TurboCache which essentially means it takes system memory automatically for a total of 256MB. While this is certainly not a product for the hardcore gamer it does play all the latest games. It would be an excellent inexpensive quality product for a HTPC. Watch the Video to find out more…" And you can watch?the video review HERE

Swiftech MCW20-A on Intel Desktop Dothan @ InsaneTek

InsaneTek try out some unique tests on a northbridge cooler. Quote:? "Swiftech has been one of the most respected names for years.? They have expanded from offering only blocks to complete setups.? Today, we are concentrating on one piece of that system: the Northbridge cooler.? In most cases, the Northbridge cooler would be an optional component.? Instead of sitting on an i875, nForce3, or some other chipset, we’re going to place it on top of an Intel Pentium M processor.? If this block can handle the output from a full processor, imagine the cooling it would achieve for your motherboard chipset." Read how they got on HERE

NVIDIA nForce 4 SLI for Pentium 4: First Benchmark Results

Hexus have managed to bench the new Intel/Nvidia SLI chipset with Doom 3. What they uncovered is?quite interesting, even if it is all beta hardware.? Snip: "From a prospective purchasers perspective, and one who has no preference which companies’ microprocessor is installed, then the obvious comparison is between an AMD or Intel NVIDIA SLI system, and for the present, if the numbers we have are correct, and we believe they are, then the choice is looking decidedly obvious – an AMD based NVIDIA SLI system looks set to simply wipe the floor with an Intel Pentium 4 SLI system." Read about it HERE

Zalman VF700-CU Ultra Quiet Copper VGA Cooler @ OCIA.net

OCIA.net has posted a review on the Zalman VF700-CU Ultra Quiet Copper VGA Cooler. Snip: "The existing heatsink on the PCI-E/AGP interface must be used. If your existing cooler integrates the GPU and PCI-E/AGP interface, you cannot use the VF700. Well, you could, but a healthy heatsink must be used on this interface, as it gets very hot." Read the full review HERE

Arctic Cooling Silentium T2 Case Review @ Modthebox.com

Modthebox has reviewed the excellent Arctic Cooling Silentium T2 Case Snip: "Arctic Cooling has taken a simplistic approach towards the overall design of the Silentium T2 by focusing a good portion of detail on the front bezel. The look is very modern and contemporary accented by an attractive silver and black colour combination. The Silentium T2 Case supports both mATX and Full ATX motherboard formats and includes a 350w Seasonic PSU." Read the full review HERE

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