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Archive for December 2nd, 2021

CeBIT 2005: DDR600 @ G.Skill

We reported earlier this week that PQI announced DDR600 memory known as Turbo Memory. Hexus has discovered Gskills version of DDR600 memory at CeBIT today! Read all about it and check out the pictures HERE

CeBIT 2005: BTX AMD System?

Hexus have discovered a nice SFF BTX system by biostar while at CeBIT 2005 Snip: "Biostar’s nForce4-based iDEQ 330P has something very close to picoBTX in terms of board layout. Being a small PC that doesn’t support upgrade of the mainboard, the mainboard can have any layout that Biostar want. With their i915-based iDEQ a full picoBTX implementation, it seems they’ve designed the nForce4 version in much the same way. The CPU and core logic are lined up to take advantage of the iDEQ’s cooling system, with the expansion slots and memory slots either side." Check it out HERE

LiteOn SOHW-1673S 16X DVD Writer @ Techniz

Techniz.co.uk have just reviewed the SOHW-1673S 16X DVD Writer from LiteOn. Snip: "The drive itself is very stable during the reading/writing of any CD/DVD media. As for the noise level, it was much more quiet compared to all the previous models. Furthermore, the sample unit that I received is a black bezel unit. I think most users now are looking for black bezel drives." Read there full review HERE

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