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NVIDIA Previews nForce 4 SLI for Intel at CeBIT 2005

CEBIT 2005 ? HANNOVER, GERMANY ? march 10th, 2005 ? NVIDIA today announced the Company will preview its upcoming NVIDIA nForce4 core-logic solutions for Intel CPUs, including support for NVIDIA? SLI? graphics technology, at CeBIT 2005 in Hannover, Germany.

Following its keynote presentation at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco earlier this month NVIDIA will provide a sneak peek to customers and the press at CeBIT, Europe?s largest computer trade fair, prior to the product?s official launch next month.

Thermalrock Oceandome @ Rbmods

Rbmods have reviewed the Thermalrock Oceandome. "Whats that?" i hear you cry…? Its a nice PC case! Snip: "Today we will look at a case from Thermalrock which is a fairly new company on the market. They have sent us their latest case Oceandome that we will take a look at which seems to be a big case with alot of room for watercooling, etc. It also has several fans included which gives it a good airflow if you run air cooling with the case; so lets get this thing going." Read all about it HERE

Mikhailtech March 2005 Budget System Buyers Guide – Socket 754 under $400?

Mikhailtech March, 2005 sub-$400 system article.?They?were finally able to piece together a Socket 754 system for under $400! Snip: "For the first time in our budget guide we’re making the switch from the now-discontinued Socket A platform to a much more potent Socket 754. The performance difference is a very noticeable one and although we’re not building a system for overclocking, the potential of these new 2600+ processors is amazing to say the least (overclocks close to 1GHz have been achieved). These new Semprons (the 2600+ being among them) are based on the Palermo core which is similar to Winchester with the exception of a reduced L2 cache and disabled AMD64 technology. For those wondering, in order to keep performance similar to Socket A counterparts, AMD lowered the clock speeds on the new Sempron CPUs and this is why a 2600+ runs at only 1.6GHz. The L2 cache is also smaller than older Semprons (128K vs. 256K). The Palermo core uses the 90nm manufacturing process and runs at a measly core voltage of only 1.4V. This is a retail processor so you also get a 3 year warranty (keep in mind overclocking voids this) and a stock cooler." Read the full guide HERE

Nvidia Previews nForce 4 SLI Intel Edition

CeBIT 2005: Nvidia today threatened to release an Intel-oriented chipset product, but couldn’t quite bring itself to announce the long-awaited nForce 4 for Intel just yet. The launch of this yet "unknown" product is later this month. http://go.theregister.com/feed/2005/03/10/nvidia_nforce_intel/

HEXUS.net – Saturday CeBIT Roundup

More CeBIT news from Hexus: Corsair Make Memory a Sexy Subject Snip: "Hang on, how can memory be sexy? It?s just a couple of dull grey sticks that sit inside your PC and do stuff, right? It?s the bane of novice computer users everywhere as they confuse memory with hard drive capacity, or the stuff serious overclockers spend weeks tweaking to eek the last ounce of performance out of their machines." Read it HERE More Hexus CoverageAMD CeBIT 2005 Treasure HuntS3 GammaChrome – MXM IIShuttle SLi Sneaky Spy ShotEPoX 9NPA+ SLIXFX Bring Extreme PC to the Masses

CeBIT 2005: ASUS – Full ATi MVP Breakdown and more!

The latest CeBIT news brought to you from Hexus.net. This time they’re at the Asus booth: Snip: "MVP supports split frame rendering using supertiling, where the screen is split up into tiled areas with each tile processed on a GPU, using any GPUs that support supertiling. That’s anything from R300 up, but it’s likely to be limited to R4xx GPUs. You can use X700 and X800, X800 XL and X850 XT PE, or any other mix that you can think of. There’s the potential to increase anti-aliasing IQ using supertiling (multipassing the tiles through a GPU) and MVP." Read it HERE

A Closer Look At PhysX: Our Take On The PPU @ Anandtech

I came across this article and thought I?d share it here. A PPU is a physics processing unit, and one day soon we may have these in our machines sitting next to our GPU?s, handling complex physics calculations, the mind cannot help but imagine the possibilities…. Read all about it HERE

CEBIT 2005: AMD or Intel? Same Motherboard!

Hexus.net continue there excellent coverage of CeBIT with an article covering a very special motherboard indeed! Snip: "Here at CeBIT 2005, you see innovation galore, but at the ECS stand they have something truly special that stands out as being one of the hottest products of the show. HEXUS brings you the ECS PF88, the first mainboard to support both Intel P4 AND AMD Athlon 64 processors." Read the full article HERE

Enermax Noisetaker 600w PSU (EG701AX-VE W) Review

We’ve just completed a review of the Enermax Noisetaker 600w. This PSU is impressive indeed. Snip: "Today we are looking at Enermax?s highest specification PSU, the Noisetaker 600w Active PFC. 600 watts is impressive even in this day and age, but is it really necessary? SLI (Scalable Link Interface) has single-handedly changed how PSU?s can be marketed, but we here at Pureoverclock won?t be bought into this, oh no!" Read our review HERE

Razotech’s Blue LED Ram Mod Review @ ExtensionTech.net

Another review of the Razotech’s Blue LED Ram Mod, this?mod seems to be popular! Snip: "PC modding, and modding products are here to stay if you hadn’t noticed. Enthusiasts of greatly varying degrees, mod, purchase mod products, and drive this somewhat niche industry that higher tier PC makers have almost totally avoided. On that note, it’s always nice to see a new manufacturer emerge, and bring new things to the table. Today is just that sort of day. I’ll be looking at a new product, from a new company, Razotech. If making your memory flicker with bright LED’s sounds like fun, you’ll want to continue on…" Read the full review HERE

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