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ATI’s Radeon X800 256MB and Radeon X850 PRO Preview @ HEXUS

Posted February 18, 2005 by admin in Hardware

Hexus have previoes of the Radeon X800 256MB and Radeon X850 PRO on there site.

"The 6600 GT can’t run with the X800 in Half-Life 2 either, mainly due to framebuffer size, with fractionally less general ability not helping either. X850 PRO is usefully quicker than 6800 GT in the same test until 1600×1200 when the NVIDIA board is able to draw close.

In the three game tests, the Radeons best their NVIDIA rivals in all but Doom 3, a game well known to fancy a bit of NV4x more than a bit of Canadian R4xx."

Read the full preview here


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