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ATI CATALYST for Windows XP Version 5.2 released

Posted February 21, 2005 by admin in News
  • Selecting the option; Enable Video Mode, results in the CATALYST? CONTROL CENTER not being able to return to the default setting for the Enable Video Mode option
  • Switching language support for the CATALYST? CONTROL CENTER no longer results in the slider bar for the engine clock being enabled when the option found in OVERDRIVE? is locked
  • Navigating to View->Define a Custom View and deselecting all options found in the 3D option of the Edit Custom View tab, no longer results in the Standard Settings option remaining selected
  • Intermittent failure of the VPU Recover report not being sent is now resolved
    Double-clicking the slider bar found in CATALYST? A.I. no longer results in the Disable CATALYST? A.I. option becoming de-selected
  • Disabling 3D preview no longer results in the preview continuing to run on a secondary display device
  • Having the 3D preview running on the secondary display adapter and attempting change display modes, no longer results in the primary display device displaying a black screen and error messages appearing
  • English is no longer the default language when installing the CATALYST? CONTROL CENTER under Windows XP Japanese version
  • The CATALYST? CONTROL CENTER Version number is now displayed correctly in all localized languages
  • The Display Manager Notification dialog box is now displayed in the correct localized language
  • The OpenGL driver is no longer disabled after boot up when both AGP Read and PCI Read are disabled


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